Paula's STORY (part 1)
Writing this feels like a long time coming, not sure why it took me so long to get here, but I guess I needed to know for sure. The one thing I have been driven to do is help other parents who have children suffering with the same condition my son had, but I have not been able to break through and accomplish this, instead I seem to be helping other people with their own medical conditions. 

For those of you who don't know, my son Kieran (now 10 years old) suffered from a condition for over 2 years. For the few months, we thought it was a virus that he had not dealt with and so I kept on treating him with natural therapies and they worked well and I was so pleased we did not have to use anything conventional. As time went on, into more than a year of fevers, mouth ulcers, joint pains and emotional roller coaster tantrums I realized this was not a virus, this was something more.  I kept an open mind and went to every medical doctor I could to get answers. We were referred from one doctor to the next, we had overnignt stays at Adventist Hospital and a team doctors would come back to me bewildered. I put faith in the medical system because I felt I had no other option at this point. 

I was grateful that I had just resigned from my full time teaching job, there was no way I could invest the time I did to research, take him to appointments, run around for tests we did without having time on my side.  Ross (my husband) was working and I was fighting with our health insurance to get the proper tests  we needed to receive answers. I spent more time on the phone dealing with this situation, than I have in the last 10 years.

Kieran suffered, we suffered, our family was torn apart on weekends because one of the adults had to stay home with him. His fevers would run for a week in the beginning and his moods and lack of energy would keep him from wanting to join any activities. He lost his circle of friends, they stopped calling. He lost confidence at school and did not understand what was happening at school as he was missing so many lessons. Nothing was making any sense to him. And well, his emotional tantrums, those were a pile of fun. The number of family vacations that kept me trapped in a hotel room treating his symptoms are all things I am grateful not to have to attend to on a regular basis now.

On one of the nights I was researching, I came across a facebook group of parents who had children with the same symptoms and low and behold I discovered a name for this very syndrome. Finally, I knew what I was dealing with. I had a son with Periodic Fever Syndrome and I was to discover that there are not many doctors that have even heard of it, let alone know how to deal with it. It was still a BINGO win ! It was time to find someone who did and who could help me with the genetic testing.

I was advised that there was no known cure for his condition, but that there were medical drugs I could use to stop the fevers asap; however the side effects of these drugs meant that he could potentially go blind. My answer was 'NO' in a matter of seconds. I always tell my students, when someone tells you there is no other solution, do not accept that as your answer, as there is always another option. I stuck to my own words and decided I would go back to leaning on my research. 

The facebook groups for Periodic Fever Syndrome helped me to get him on the road to healing. We implemented cherry tart enzymes, vit d3/k2 and vitamin c. It helped, but there were not the ultimate fix. I later added zinc drops for his immune system after speaking to a friend and I noticed the fevers started to appear with a longer duration between them and for a shorter duration. Instead of a week, he would recover in 3 days. But something was still missing. 

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I started to use Young Living products on her and the blend Aroma Siez was the only thing that helped ease her pain. I was grateful for their products and knew that there was something special about their quality, I pushed aside any negative comments to trust what I experienced, I decided to become a regular user of their products and even bought the supplement Ningxia red. I had some sachets on hand and put them in the freezer for Kieran to enjoy sucking on to cool down his temperatures and he grew to enjoy them and so this became a part of his daily routine. This is when I noticed that months had gone by and for the first time in 2 years, he had not had his monthly fever. At this point, I could actually tell you the day the fever would trigger, but that day just came and went and he was returning back to his old self.

I was recording his daily food intake, supplements and realized that ningxia red was supporting him in the way he needed. Although, he is no longer having it daily, if too much time goes on without taking it, the first thing that will appear is a mouth ulcer and this is our window of opportunity to know we need to get on top it and the first thing we reach for is ningxia red. There is an immediate change in his physiological and psychological state after consumption. It really is our miracle. 

We are on our third year of recovery and Kieran is just like any other kid, but he does need to supplement; this is not negotiable.  He has his energy and zest for life back. I could not be more grateful to circumstances that revealed themselves to us to know what he needed. It saved him and our family. We aim for at least 3 shot glasses a week for his immune maintenance. 

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