Paula's STORY (part 2)

Paula's STORY (part 2)
With Part 1 as the BACK story, (sorry I did not say this was going to be a short one) I found myself in a pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, I felt a strong sense of fear in everyone and although I was encouraging people to trust their immune systems, I was met with some upset; however many more in secrecy with bravery. Eventually, a rather fast vaccine came out into the market and everyone was eager to return to their normal lives. I was one of the very last that I knew of to get the vaccine. I went along with the mandates, so I could teach (getting a medical exemption for the 3rd booster shot) because I knew my body was saying NO more.

My grandfather died of heart condition, it runs in our family and after my 2nd jab, I found myself rubbing my chest area repeatedly to ease a pain. I also felt restriction in my legs and just had no energy to do the type of sport I used to. There were days I would try to hike Tiger's Head (our local uphill trail) with Ross and had no choice, but to turn around as my blood pressure was climbing like a rocket ship. This was not normal for me. In October, after my mother in law died unexpectedly after flying back from a trip (Dubai to UK) she started to experience pain at the train station and only made it as far as the hospital due to an artery dissection. This was just one more nudge for me to stop treating my pains as a mere, this is just in my head. I stuck my head into researching again, but this time about how I could detox myself from the C**** protein spikes. The receptors sites for these lie around the heart, brain and gut and I had to find something to decrease this inflammation.

I watched hours of a health documentary series on detoxing from these protein spikes, researched for weeks and then I came across this research paper that was completed late in 2022. I read it over and over again, and knew that this ningxia red was powerful because of what I had been through with Kieran. I also knew that Ross and I felt better every time we drank it, and so we always kept it in the fridge for those moments when we needed an extra energy boost. 

I dug in and came across Martha Krejci's page about the 11 Day Jumpstart program and how it addresses inflammation. I was accepted into her group and it was the testimonies that I read that struck me. That is when I  knew I needed to jump in. I committed myself to the 11 Day Jumpstart and here is what happened: my mood changed (Ross says I am a different person), my weight shifted, my heart pains stopped and I don't have to rub by chest to ease it anymore, my energy level was out of this world, my vision improved and well, I got my best self back. Last week, was the first time in over 2 years, I could climb Tiger's Head without having to turn around because my heart was about to explode. The numbers used to be so scary. But this time I was able to keep up with Ross and I was feeling good. He was ecstatic that we finally could complete this hike together and when he turned to me and said, "Wow, look at you, you can do this for the first time in years," I realized how my health was affecting everyone.

You know, this story is mine and I never really intended to share it publicly, but as people have joined me on this jumpstart I had this epiphany that some of you needed to hear it. A few nights ago, I received a text message from an old colleague who told me that she was feeling more energetic and wanted to continue this journey and wanted to know how to do this. A few minutes later, she messaged telling me that she had a heart attack after her vaccine and that NHS could not confirm it was the vaccine because they CAN'T. This is certainly her story, but it was the PUSH I needed to write and share MY story.

I thought I was ok, but I wasn't myself. You are not a second fiddle, you are a PRIORITY, if something does not feel right- TRUST yourself. This year I made huge investments in all aspects of my life, I am not sure where I would be if I hadn't. Sending each of you a message of health and wellness, to become the best version of who you are meant to be. My prayer is that those who need to give themselves care find the desire to Jump In.

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