Every Woman Festival

Every Woman Festival

It was divine timing to grab the year of an Ox by its’ horns. After a year like 2020, this group of Discovery Bay women knew it was the right time to unite and offer something special to other women outside of their circle. With encouragement from a few of these friends, The Every Woman Festival was birthed overnight to spread love. 

Over the last couple of years, this group of women would meet regularly to fill their cup with joy, love, gratitude through various 'healing' tools. These women were drawn together by their energies and over time realized that each of them had a gift to offer the others. 

During their ‘'soul sister’ gatherings, they find love through meditation, dance, song, art, nature adventures, gratitude practices, yoga, kirtan, nourishing food, and natural therapies. A wonderful time to connect with the universe, themselves, and other women who were experiencing the same challenges in life.

The soul sisters are ready to offer The Every Woman Festival to every other woman with a desire for connection, joy, and healing. They send out a joyful invitation to each of you to join an online Daylong Festival of delights to begin the journey of introducing you to who they are and what they are passionate about giving other women. 

This year more than ever, we need each other. The Every Woman Festival's purpose is to embrace womanhood. Mark your calendar for the first EVERY WOMAN FESTIVAL on January 28th, it is ALL IN YOU. Come connect with your inner woman light.