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Enroller / sponsor - should be filled in for you if you have clicked the link above. KIf not, enter 1457545 in both boxes to be a part of our oily family.

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Step 3: Select your "Starter Kit"

The premium kit is an amazing value for money and gives you an idea of some of the most frequently used oils at less than half the price if you were to purchase the items in the kit separately. Depending on your country of residence you will have options for diffusers.

You will have the option for enrolling in YL's "Essential Rewards" program or you can just make Quick Orders when you require a product. Both options offer you wholesale prices. However, if you do choose essential rewards you will receive $10 USA  back in rewards points and you will be entitled to any of the monthly promotions you meet.
I highly recommend that you click 'yes' because you can cancel at any moment. A little more...Enrolling in essential rewards enables you to accumulate points with each purchase that you can trade-in for products, if you make another order next month, then you are entitled to use your points. There is no commitment, so if you make a big order, it is especially worth receiving the reward points.

ADD OTHER PRODUCT tO your order such as the thieves cleaner and you can see if there is anything else you require. There are promotional items each month so be mindful when placing your order.

Step 4: Select your "Shipping Method"  "pickup" means it will be picked up at the YL office. If you select "SHIPPING"  it will be delivered to your home. 

Step 5: Enter your payment details  Accepted - Visa, MC, Paypal 

Step 6: Wait 2-5 days for the order to process. Enjoy your starter kit.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential oils, please consider joining this jumpstart course for free to learn more.

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