What are you going to Focus on in 2021?
I think almost all of us can say that 2020 literally transformed some aspect of our life. It has certainly affected travel, time with extended family, work-life, participation in events, and for many has had a real dynamical change for the immediate family.

Our lives have changed and we will either come out of this embracing what we still have in gratitude or finding ourselves having to rediscover a new world. Life has taught me that no matter what comes my way, I will focus on the present with gratitude. I guess I can be grateful that life taught me early on that we can not change the past and worrying about the future struggles to bring true abundance when we can not be truly present in the moment of here and now.

When our family of 4 had to surprisingly cancel our Easter Ski Holiday, we knew that things were going to be uniquely different for the rest of the 2020 Year. I remember the agent on the telephone responding to me like I was crazy when I suggested that there may be a possibility of Whistler Mountain closing. "That will NEVER happen." 

There is so much unknown about what 2021 will bring, but I know that I will focus on each day at hand. The old saying "take one day at a time" really is wise. What I do know is that through all of this, I have trusted my immune system to give me the strength to remain healthy and mentally grounded. Your body is capable of so much when you nourish it. 

If you have not already used 2020 as an opportunity to:

find a passion to enhance your life, find one.

find a physical activity to keep fit, find one.

find a tool to help release stress, find one

find joy in eating something healthier, find one.

find out what your body needs to work better, find one.

find a new author to add to your repertoire, find one.

bond with a friend you connect with on all levels, find one.

volunteer your time somewhere, find one.

do something that will benefit this planet, find one.

try something that you have said, "I CAN'T do this" and say YES.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday and NEW YEAR. Make 2021 better because the magic is in YOU.


  1. Blinkers on for 2021 guys! Focus is definitely my aim for this year. Great blog Paula, wishing you guys all the best for the new year.
  2. Indeed Ross. Happy 2021.
  3. Roll on 2021 and new adventures!

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