This was not going to be my first experience with juicing. Suddenly, I found myself committed to a 3-day juice cleanse last week and I was not sure how my body would respond physically, but my mind said YES. Since so many have been asking me about my experience, I wanted to share some of my journey with you.

Please keep in mind that intermittent fasting in the past and eating clean for 90% of my day is not unusual. My body craves healthy food and I can disconnect myself with food when I choose to. I was not hungry over the 3 days, I did find it hard to finish some of the juices especially the afternoon ones, as 2 hours is not long. I was often 30 minutes behind my starting time as I was still finishing the earlier juice.

A week before you begin your cleanse, remember to aim for clean eating, drinking a lot of water, and refraining from what I consider to be essential to avoid; alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar. Other foods to at least decrease if not eliminate include refined dairy, meat, and wheat. If you are a vegetarian or vegan you most likely will find the juice cleanse easier on your body and mind.

Prepping your body will minimize the headaches. I did not experience any headaches, only on the second morning I felt a minor one, but it quickly left after I drank a cup of relax tea. 

Each bottle is 500ml, so that means you are drinking 3 Litres of juice in a day, not including your freedom to drink herbal teas and water throughout the day. You will be running to the toilet often and don't hold back, your body is cleansing and if at any point it feels uncomfortable to release urine, add more water to your day.

Each morning I started with a glass of warmish water and a couple drops of lime essential oil at 7am. If my body was in need of something, I would then have a cup of herbal tea. 
At 9am I drank the first of the 6 juices, which is a sweeter green energetic blend in comparison to the last green juice of the day.

At 12 pm was mainly red beet and carrot juice with orange and apple juice along with a kick of ginger.

At 2pm was a more of a sour light green juice; mint and pineapple being features of this drink.

At 4pm was a darker green juice which included spinach, cucumber, and spirulina along with aloe vera. You get a break from ginger here.

At 6pm was my favourite, more of a meal drink and could almost pass for a delicious chocolatey drink with a hint of cinnamon. Cinnamon is my spice and did you know it is great for blood sugar levels. I so looked forward to this time of the day 

At 8pm was my least favourite drink as it is definitely less sweet and gingery. On my first day, I could not bring myself to finish it. Instead, I drank what I could and then resorted to a relaxing cup of tea. My body was adjusting to a lot of liquid.

Before bedtime treat yourself to a cup of relaxing tea, chamomile was my favourite so have your favourites on hand.

To my surprise, I was excreting every day, not an abundance, but I was releasing toxins from my colon every morning as I usually do. You should be going to the toilet every day typically and if you are not then you should consider enzymes in my opinion or look at doing a colon cleanse before any juicing cleanse. This is important to note. 

The most important part of this journey is will power. It is amazing how much you can say no to when you have a goal. I was cooking every day for my boys during the cleanse and as much as I wanted to test their food I refrained and it reminded me that often I am eating food not because I really want it. Keeping this mindset after the 3-day detox is a great reminder for you, ask yourself before you drink or eat, do I really want this, or am I having it just to have it. 

I had no problem reintroducing food back into my system as I typically have slow starts every day and no problems with uncomfortableness. In fact, I did not rush to have breakfast, instead, I continued with my routine of warm water and lime essential oil and later a cup of tea to help my body continue with the process of detoxing.

As for your emotional state, do the detox when you are in a good mental place. If you are not in a good place, consider postponing the cleanse. The best part is when your physical body feels ENERGIZED. Don't think you can not participate in daily activities; keep active and moving. Be in a state of happiness through the process and allow the juices to serve and nurish your body.

Highly recommend to add in a lymphatic drainage massage and daily skin brushing before your shower to promote circulation and detoxifying along with cellite magic or orthoease massage oil to rehydrate and support the process.  This is also the perfect time to add in an essential oil detox bath with any of these essential oils and Epsom salt; lavender, cypress, tangerine.

If at any time you are feeling tummy upset, don't forget about digize or tummygize which is a great rescuer. If you are feeling emotional, go ahead and release and don't forget that your essential oils are just an arm's reach to help you through. Valor was my go-to keep me grounded emotionally. No one even knew I was doing a cleanse and that is what mattered most to me. And consider a daily journal which may offer a profound emotional release. 

Giving the 3 Day Juicing a Go?
-Your mind is POWERFUL. 
-Drink water or have a cup of tea when you feel HUNGRY.
-Consider a lymphatic drainage massage to help with DETOXING.
-Keep yourself BUSY
-Enjoy walks, yoga and light EXERCISE.
-Be in the state of GRATITUDE.


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